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Petit Bateau is a French children's wear brand founded by Pierre Valton in 1893 in the French textile city of Troyes. From cutting off the trouser legs of wool pants and creating the first cotton “small shorts”, Petit Bateau “small sailboats” always insist on innovation and deeply immerse the joy of life in the spirit of the brand.


Petit Bateau "Small Sailing" is an independent brand integrating design, production and sales. More than 85% of the products and fabrics originate from small sailing factories in France and Africa. "Small sailboat manufacturing", focusing on quality, comfort and softness, is a real commitment to inherit six generations. In France, Petit Bateau “small sailboat” is a favorite of cotton fabric lovers, and its products are known as “50% cotton, 50% care”. Its perfectly tailored tailoring takes into account every stage of the child's growth, and its clean design is both iconic and enduring. Petit Bateau's "Small Sailing" style is low-key but easy to identify. It is good at capturing the different fashion elements of each season and blending it into the classic style.

The brand insists on the childlike childlikeness of the good childhood, and the freedom, self-confidence, happiness and sunshine that the clothing brings to the children, and reminds us at every important moment in our life that it is the moment of childhood that makes us present.

The 1893 Small Boat (Petit Bateau) was founded by Pierre Valton. He cut off the trouser legs of traditional trousers and had the first children's cotton underwear.

The first advertisement in 1920 made Maryette Marinette's little figure a spokesperson for the small sailboat.

In 1970, the sea soul shirt that extracted the fashion elements from the French sailor suit became the star series.

Today, Petit Bateau is located in more than 60 countries around the world, with sales outlets reaching 4,500, including 450 self-operated stores.

Classic products:
Cotton underwear and T-shirts;
Yellow waterproof clothing;
Thousand stripes
Sea-striped shirt;

Petit Bateau in China

On April 30th, 2015, the 100-year-old French children's wear brand, Petit Bateau, sailed in the country and the first store opened in Qingdao, which has the reputation of “Sailing Capital”.

On May 18th, 2015, Petit Bateau “Small Sailing” was honored to announce that its first flagship store in China will enter the Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai and celebrate its grand opening.

On September 22, 2015, the official flagship store of the famous French high-end children's wear brand Petit Bateau opened in Tmall.

In 2017, the official flagship store of Petit Bateau opened in Jingdong Mall. Please add this and other important events.

Today, Petit Bateau is spread all over the place.....list the name of the city.